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– The Types of Business Models in Today’s World, Fifth International Conference on Marketing Management/ July 2011

– Presenting the Theoretical Foundations of Productivity and Human Resources, Nineteenth Conference on Enterprise Promotion’s Assessors and Managers (Enterprise Architecture)

– CRM Systems and its Position in Marketing Management, The First International Conference on Marketing Management 2006

– Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering Seminar: Past, Present, Future

– The Study of Actual and Potential Opportunities of the Country’s ICT Market to Operate and Develop the Sustainable and Successful Businesses, Seminar and Roundtable on the Assessment of Opportunities and Challenges of Entrepreneurship and Business Development in the Industry of ICT

– Participating in the Workshop on Innovative Designing Systems for Modern Furniture Design and Production, Furniture and Decoration Association 2013

– Presenting the Workshop on Learning Enterprises in the World of Production Elasticity Systems, National Council of Furniture and Decoration of Iran and related Industries

– Holding the Workshop on Business Management for Crowd Souring, Conferences and Specialized Exhibitions Organizer

– Participating in the Workshop on Interior Design and Decoration, Applied Science Center of Design and Production of Furniture and Decoration of Iran

– Instructor of the OFEX2011 Workshop on the Subject of ERPII, Furniture and Decoration Guild

– Training Courses on Business Models based on the Information Technology in Specialized Exhibitions, Conferences and Specialized Exhibitions Organizer