Project Experiences


– Feasibility Study of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Alzahra University

– The Study of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Selection of an Appropriate Tool, Alzahra University

– The Role and Position of Coding (Equipment Coding) and Tracking and Identification Systems in the Information Structure of Manufacturing Companies, Alzahra University

– A Framework to Measure the Rate of Return arising from the Enterprise Architecture, Alzahra University

– The Role and Position of Information Technology (IT) in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Alzahra University

– Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC), To study the requirements of a workshop for the different CNC machines and their installation and operation

– Traffic Control Center of Tehran, Design and implementation of Traffic Integrated Control System through TV monitoring, Design and implementation of Exchanged Data System between Control Center and other engaged organization in Traffic related issues

– Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Co. , Resource allocation and time scheduling for helicopters overhaul, 1990

– Noor Porcelain, Production programming for Noor porcelain factory, 1990

– Studies of common worldwide barcode systems, Iranian Research Center of Informatics Industries (RCII), 1995