Ph.D. and Master’s


A New Model For Customer Life Time Value in Iranian Telecommunication Companies, Sahar Vatankhah, Alzahra University

A Novel Approach For Web Mining in Virtual Education Environments Using Bayesian Networks (BNs), Maryam Arab Ahmadi, Alzahra University

Evaluation Of Factors Influencing Successful Implementation Of Crowdfunding Projects, Nastaran Ghorbani Ketenaie, Alzahra University

Customer Clustering In Retail Banking Based On Customer Loyalty: Case Study in Tejarat Bank, Shohre Mirzaeiah, Alzahra University

A Model For The Adaption Of E-Banking By Considering Customers trust (Case Study Of One Of The Governmental Bank Of Iran), Maryam Bakhshi, Alzahra University

Developing A Distribution Model in A Supply Chain System, Mojdeh Pajoutan, Alzahra University

Developing A Two Stage Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem With Considering Batch Arrival Constraint, Diana Dehghani, Alzahra University

Designing A Conceptual Model And Proposing A Methodology For Strategic Performance Measurement Of Information Assets, Azam Ol-Sadat Hosseini Emami, Alzahra University

Combination Of Web Usage And Web Content Mining For Personalization Based On Recommendation, Babak Ghelichkhani, T.M.U

Designing A Decision Support System For Investigation Of Antibiotic Consumption in Neonate Sepsis With Data Mining Tools, Azadeh Jalali, T.M.U

Evaluation Of Information Technology Effect in Project-Based Organization (A Case Study in Jahan-Agriculture Engineering Institute), Nader Abbas Gholi Zadeh, T.M.U